About VOMO

VOMO A Movement for Good

Powering today’s movement of volunteers to change the world.

VOMO is powering a global volunteer movement by providing people and organizations with the technology needed to initiate projects, connect to community causes, and to measure and amplify the impact of community volunteering.

Our Promise

VOMO makes it effortless to mobilize corporate, government, nonprofit, church or people volunteers.

But How?

VOMO’s web platform and App eliminate the hassle of coordinating a volunteer program with features including social media integration, at-a-glance analytics, and complete setup guidance from a dedicated VOMO Concierge. The platform is uniquely built with organizers and volunteers in mind, powering efficient and meaningful collaboration between organizations, people, and their community.

VOMO is a software as a service featuring software for organizational management of volunteers.

The VOMO Difference

Our Core Values

By mobilizing a new force of volunteers, we can create programs that deliver tangible results for communities and organizations, and support a global volunteer movement.


Effective, enduring volunteer programs require meaningful collaboration between organizers, volunteers, and their local communities. People expect it, organizations need it, and the community relies on it.


Coordinating organizational volunteers can be complicated and resource-intensive. With software and infrastructure that empowers organizers and mobilizes participants, we are building a global volunteer movement.

What Makes Us Different

Data Driven Insights

VOMO gives organizations at-a-glance analytics and thorough measurement tools to automatically track volunteer initiatives and recognize staff superstars. An intuitive reporting platform helps organizers make data-driven decisions that enhance the organizational impact of volunteer programs.

Adaptable Setup

VOMO’s volunteer management platform adapts to the specific needs of an organization, with options for an easy DIY setup, or complete, hands-on guidance from a VOMO Concierge – a dedicated staff member that customizes every aspect of the onboarding process and makes personalized referrals to causes.

Frictionless Experience

VOMO’s volunteer management platform creates a seamless user experience for volunteers and organizers, with intuitive features that engage volunteers, minimize planning frustrations, and offer data-driven insights that quantify the impact of volunteering.