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About VOMO

VOMO A Movement for Good

VOMO is powering a global volunteer movement by providing people and organizations with the technology needed to initiate projects, connect to community causes, and to measure and amplify the impact of community volunteering.

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Our Promise

VOMO makes it effortless to mobilize corporate, government, nonprofit, church or people volunteers.

How? VOMO’s web platform and App eliminate the hassle of coordinating a volunteer program with features including social media integration, at-a-glance analytics, and complete setup guidance from a dedicated VOMO Concierge. The platform is uniquely built with organizers and volunteers in mind, powering efficient and meaningful collaboration between organizations, people, and their community.

VOMO is a software as a service featuring software for organizational management of volunteers.

The VOMO Story

In 2008 Rob Peabody started a non-profit, Awaken Movement, based in his passion to bring churches, organizations and people together to make a tangible and lasting impact in their communities… Read More

Meet the Team

We have been passionate about volunteering since the beginning.

Rob Peabody

Chief Executive Officer

In no particular order Rob Peabody is a…Pastor turned CEO, official Lord in the UK (yes, he is a LORD!), innovator, author, speaker, husband, father, maximizer of people, vision caster, and storyteller.  (Once upon a time I cycled from London to Paris, and got stopped by an army tank in the West Bank…call me, I will tell you the rest.)

David Uribe

Chief Product Officer

Miami native, pusher of pixels and ideas, amateur illustrator, and full-time goofball.  David wants to make sure you love using VOMO as much as we have enjoyed building it.

Joel Peabody

Chief Operating Officer

Fun-loving, strategic-thinking, rolex-wearing, problem-solving, limousine-ridin’, son of a gun.  (Extra points to those who know the reference.)  Helping make the wheels turn on the VOMO machine.

Kyle Ueckermann

Chief Technology Officer

Kyle loves caves, mountains, rocks and anything rocky.  Which feeds right into his love of history, and archeology.  When he isn’t busy with his rocks, he is a creative problem solver, a modern Macgyver and an idea generator.  But wait, there is more!  Kyles greatest skill is his ability to code just about anything.

Matt Bailey

Director of Client Relations

Bridge builder, matchmaker, deep thinker, and definitely talks too much.  Always rock and roll in the headphones.  Matt Cultivates new clients and ensures they stay healthy.

Davide Neri

Managing Director of Technology

Passionate about arts, from Monet to Kandinsky, from hang drum acoustic to live jazz. learning swing dance. Pianist, at times worship leader. Passionate about travelling, meeting new cultures, expanding my worldview so I moved to Budapest to start up this project -- in the meanwhile met a girl, fell in love and she's now my wife.

Ferenc Dobo

Senior Developer

Laid back dude, with a rad attitude. Loves to play and design games. Once won an 8 hour long Settlers of Catan match.

Chandra Shekhar

Senior Developer

Shekhar is a Management Graduate and a Computer Engineer by profession from India, He loves traveling, quiet places and makes complex tech bits simpler for users.

Sarah Mutscheller

Director of Marketing

Sarah is a people loving bleeding heart looking to build something and do good in the world.  Oh and she does marketing too, and her greatest skillsets include being dangerous and bossy.

Dan Bryant

Director of Sales

Born and raised in Dallas. Dan is a family man and father to a baby boy with his wife, Anna. Dan loves looking for ways to combine faith and work, laughing and eating. Dan is an Internet Marketing specialist and a sales wizard.

Connor Bibby

Marketing Coordinator

Ottawa native, music lover and hockey fanatic. Connor studied Communications and Psychology at the University of Ottawa and yes, that means he can read your mind. While he isn’t busy reading minds, he is the gears that make the VOMO marketing machine run.