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VOMO makes it effortless to mobilize volunteers by offering the necessary tools to organize, track, & amplify the impact your organization makes in its community.

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The Goal

Employees and companies want to give back to their communities and engage their workforce.

The Challenge

Sourcing volunteer opportunities, engaging a large, disparate workforce and matching employees with the right opportunities are time-consuming and resource-intensive.

The Solution

VOMO simplifies this process with a user-friendly volunteer management platform.

See how Nature Nate’s Company mobilized their workforce with VOMO

The VOMO Difference

Simple Setup

Easily initiate projects and connect to community causes without clip boards and long email chains. Automated event emails.

Manage Events

Easily create and manage recurring projects that volunteers can sign up for on their phones or desktops

Detailed Reporting

VOMO simplifies this process with a user-friendly volunteer management platform.

Great P.R.

Quick and easy way to share community impact both internally and externally with VOMO reports.  Create positive brand awareness.

Social Integration

Social media accounts for easy project sharing.

Privacy Settings

Events can be set to private or public depending on how your company wants to structure them.

VOMO is good for business

Strengthen & enhance corporate social responsibility initiatives
Recruit, engage, & retain valuable employees.

Employees who volunteer frequently report…

better work environments
improved sense of purpose
essential to employee well being

Community engagement has never been easier.

Mobilize a new force of corporate volunteers and deliver tangible results for communities and your business. Support the gobal volunteer movement with VOMO.

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