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Leaders of faith-based communities struggle to mobilize and organize volunteers within the church and within the community. VOMO provides an easy-to-use, streamlined platform to help organize, publicize, and engage volunteers.

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The Goal

Equip churches with a tool that facilitates volunteer efforts both inside the church and in the community.

The Challenge

Organizing volunteer based activities is both cumbersome and time consuming.  It’s time to say no to clipboard sign ups and long “reply all” email chains.

The Solution

VOMO is the one tool your church needs to mobilize your congregation and put action to their faith.  Organize, publicize and mobilize your volunteers.

"We want our churches to unleash their members to be salt and light wherever they live, work and play. VOMO gives us a user-friendly platform to connect our congregations with meaningful opportunities to serve our city."

— Jana Jackson, Dallas Baptist Association

How VOMO Makes it Easier for Churches

Simple Setup

Easily start a volunteer project and share it with your congregation through automated emails.

Manage Events

Upload your congregation database and ask them to help with your next volunteer need with just a few clicks.

Detailed Reporting

Quickly see where volunteer gaps exist so that you can spend more time serving and less time managing volunteer efforts.

Organizational Partnering

Create events with other faith communities or nonprofits to amplify your community impact.

Social Integration

Easily share what your church is up to within your community.

Privacy Settings

Set a volunteer need as private for internal access only or create a volunteer event for your entire community.

VOMO Can Help Your Church:

  • Review metrics to evaluate volunteer successes.
  • Grow through community outreach.
  • Increase community level engagement.
  • Fulfill the mission to serve for the glory of God.
  • Engage church attendees by facilitating the ability to serve.
  • Manage volunteers with ease.

Engaging your congregation has never been easier!

VOMO’s neutral platform can organize internal volunteer needs, community outreach, and coordinate multiple faith-based communities across a city in a collaborative and unified way.

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