Looking for Volunteers?


Our mission at VOMO is to power a movement for good. We're doing that by connecting people to existing needs, whether those opportunities are inside churches, in their community or around the world.

By posting your opportunities on VOMO, you are inviting our ever-growing network of individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and universities the opportunity to meet the needs you represent in a tangible and lasting way for good.

We’re always looking for Service Organizations, Mission Opportunities, Food Banks and others to contribute to our growing database of 70,000 opportunities. All organizations must be approved by our editorial team. A few of the things we’re looking for in an organization.

  1. Organizations that like to make a good first impression
    We’re looking for groups who would commit to post at least 10 opportunities (or less if that's all you have) within 30 Days. That way we can help you make a good first impression.
  2. Update your opportunities twice a year
    Change is inevitable. Whether it's the time, schedule or opportunity that has changed we’re looking for you to keep us up to date. Simply login twice a year to update your opportunities with new information, new dates or add new ones!
  3. Follow-up with volunteers inquiries within the week
    VOMO isn’t just a job board, its a community. We’re looking to introduce people to you. When someone says they’re interested we expect you’ll follow-up with them by phone or email within the week, ideally within 48 hours.

If you can add a minimum of 10 opportunities, update your opportunities twice a year and commit to following up with volunteers we will waive the partnership fee.

Our plan is to continue to offer this for free to those that post service opportunities, keep them active and respond to volunteers. If that were ever to change we’d reach out to you in advance but our hope is to continue to serve and connect people to your opportunities to serve.

VOMO reserves the right to pull any opportunity at any time for any reason. This includes pulling something if it doesn’t fit with the values of the service and the organization. To talk with someone about adding your opportunities please complete the provided form:

  • Please describe in a few sentences the types of opportunities and how many you would be interested in adding.