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VOMO makes it easy to set up volunteer events and engage community volunteers.

No more clipboards and random one off emails. Let VOMO manage the entire volunteer experience by organizing, tracking, and sharing your community engagement.

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The Goal

Matching talent with nonprofit needs.

The Challenge

Nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of others for donations of time and talent. Attracting volunteers and matching them with the right task is an ongoing concern for organizations already short on resources.

The Solution

VOMO makes it easy to match volunteers from the local community with charitable endeavors with an easy-to-use, streamlined tool.

How VOMO Makes it Easier for Nonprofits

Simple Setup

Easily start a service project and share it with your community and existing volunteers.  Free yourself from clipboards and managing volunteer attendance.

Manage Events

Quickly upload your database of past and current volunteers and invite them to your next volunteer event. Automated event email updates save you time and make your job easier.

Detailed Reporting

See your volunteer engagement with a simple click of a button.

Organizational Partnering

Set up events with corporate or church sharing to engage a new range of volunteers for your organization.

Social Integration

Easily share your volunteer event and service impact with your social media audience.

Privacy Settings

Set an event as private for exclusive access or open it up to your entire community.

VOMO is an intuitive volunteer management platform that connects volunteers to charitable causes.

VOMO can help:

  • Highlight local needs
  • Empower people to serve
    right where they live
  • Promote your projects
  • Interact with your community of volunteers

Engaging your volunteer community has never been easier!

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